OverSEA My Life

         Abroad-er view of how a young mid-west Ohio girl who studied Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Latin American Cultures at University of Cincinnati and longed to live overseas...ended up moving to California and then on to New England only to find her future husband - an Australian transplant via London & Spain - living in NYC.  

You know, just your typical 'girl meets boy' story... 

Follow us on our biggest adventure yet, an international move to work & live permanently in Spain.  

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My hope for this page and blog is to share the knowledge and personal experiences of what worked for us (and what didn't!) when we decided to move abroad.  When I first started researching, most of what I found was based on retiring overseas, or families living abroad for a year or two .... but not permanently. 

What happens if you & your spouse are different citizenships already?  What about income & taxes moving forward?  Even more, what about 401K and retirement investments as we keep plugging along?  Visas?  Buying property overseas?  Wills?  Life Insurance?  Is it all the same?  What do we have to do new/different?

And...what about the REAL hard ones...like, Ethan literally lives on Mac-N-Cheese .... how do you help a 15 year old transition to a new culture and new foods?  What about schools?  What kind of universities are open to non-resident Europeans?

It's a lot...trust me, I know.  But we're sure hopeful that in the end it will all be worth the adventure.  

I hope that you find some nuggets in the blogs to help with your own journey.  OverSEA Your Life, Get Abroad-er View.


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