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Team Carnes

 Ray, Stephanie, Hunter, Ethan & Brooklyn

Meet The Team 


Stephanie grew up in the suburbs of Cincinnati, OH and after learning Spanish for 5 years in middle & high schools, went on to earn a B.A. in Human Geography with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Latin American studies concentrations -  taking her first international trip for a class.  She travelled a lot with family growing up - all over the United States - but it wasn't until Stephanie moved for work (living in 5 different States before turning 30) and met her future husband did she finally get to experience other countries in a big way.

English, basic Spanish


From the land downunder, Ray grew up in Adelaide and Brisbane Australia.  Studying Information Technology at University of Queensland Australia, Ray has always had a passion for computer science and software and finding the best solution for just about any problem.  His interest in travel and adventure started in his late 20's and he ended up seeing quite a bit of the world before settling down in the United States.  ACUC Scuba Certified.

English, Spanish, basic French


Natural born adventurer.  Hunter embraced the idea of filling a passport at an early age and is always ready for the next vacation and adventure.  Certified PADI Scuba Diver, he had at least a dozen dives under his belt before he even earned his U.S. drivers license. Fascinated with all things Physics and Engineering related, he also has a passion for the Ocean and all marine life - looking to make the world a better place from the skies to the depths of the ocean floor.

English, French, basic Spanish


If you have numbers and statistics, Ethan can crunch them!  Our resident Rubik's Cube solver (currently can solve about 8 different styles/shapes of cubes and has a sub minute solve on the traditional Cube), he loves ANYTHING math related and can talk about math ALL.DAY.LONG.  But don't let this fool you, Ethan will most likely be the first one ready for the zipline and quickly ask when we can do it again ... a bit of a thrill seeker this one!  

English, ASL, basic Spanish


For sure would be considered our most creative member of the Team, Brooklyn has a natural ability for all things artistic - from painting, decorating, creating, music...all of it.  She loves small, independent music labels and bands and finding new ones to add to her huge play list.  She can generally be found with at least one earbud in listening to music in the background of whatever she is doing.  Possibly her favorite thing about moving to Spain so far?  Well, the quick and easy access to the rest of Europe of course!  Brooklyn is hoping to do some exchange programs while finishing up her high school years.

English, basic Spanish