A View From Valencia, Spain: Part 2

Exploring a New City Knowing You're Moving There!

We got to spend a few days in Alicante with our 'Spanish Family' for New Year's Eve and we were spoiled!  Chico & Carolina opened their home just as they did 25+ years ago when Ray first went to Spain to learn Spanish and SCUBA Diving.  We had the privilege of being with them and their family during a Holiday celebration and had a BLAST eating grapes at the strokes of midnight - 12 times!  Lots of great times and even the youngest, Sara (who was just a baby when Ray first went there), was helping share lots of great information about the schools and education system in Spain.  We are so grateful for all of them and can't wait for Sara to help us more when we arrive later in Summer 2023.

It was hard to leave, but we took the trains back up to Valencia for the end of our stay.  For the last couple of days we were in the Russafa Barrio - a great chance to be pretty much in the middle of the city and right next to the train station for when it was time to go.  All in, this was not our jam....lol.  At 50+ years old, this isn't what we would want long term....30+ years ago?  Ray & I would have LOVED it.  But for looking at a potential living space, no.  

Russafa was a pretty busy neighborhood.  Lots going on, winding orange tree lined streets, people everywhere.  It did remind me a bit of Brooklyn when we lived there early 2000's, but here there are more people sitting out on the walkways at the cafes and shops.  We were just a little walk to the city center (Ciutat Vella) areas where the Mercat Central is located.  Kids weren't very interested in much exploration at this point, so Ray & I took off on our own.  The Mercat was amazing, like everyone said it would be.  HUGE and lots of great things inside.  We were super impressed with the endless amounts of hams available!  Had some yummy wine tastings as we walked around and bought some unique Alicante salts.    This part of the City is super busy ....so many tourists everywhere, even in December.  It was gorgeous, buildings take your breath away and so many wonderful little cafes and eateries...but not a place we would be interested in living.  

We found ourselves walking back over towards the Ciutat de les Artes y les Ciencies, but stayed on the opposite side of where we were before (Quatre Carreres) - more on the Penya-Roja Barrio side.   This neighborhood was more established - apartment buildings were all finished and the store fronts and shops on the street levels were all full and busy.  It was absolutely wonderful.  I LOVED everything about it.  While this side was a bit higher for living expenses, it gave us an idea of what the Quatre Carreres side would be like once all of the buildings were finished and store fronts opened.   Both of these barrios (surrounding the Ciutat de les Artes y les Ciencies) would be wonderful for our family to live ... and so great that the rest of the City was just a nice walk or a few metro stops away!

Stephanie Carnes June 14, 2023
A View From Valencia, Spain: Part 1
Exploring a New City Knowing You're Moving There!